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Developer Debugger

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This is a great module for developers, it intends to help them in the development, a great handy tool you must have.
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Developer Debugger

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Excl. Tax: RON 0.00 Incl. Tax: RON 0.00
This module helps you in the development, it offers you valuable information about the rendered Blocks, the executed SQL queries, the modules that are used in your website, information about the request parameters, it lists you the layout handles, information about the index and cache options, a list with the rewritten models, blocks and helpers and it's new instances and also the page layout and configuration xml files.

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*) This module is available currently on the Frontend only.

*) Inside System / Configuration -> Reea / Debugger tab you can enable or disable this module.

*) If your module is enabled you may further enable the Block Widget { this one displays you in a small box the rendered blocks parameters, such as Module Name, Template File, Block Type, Block name in layout, Block Alias } and the Block Highlighter { this draws a red border for each block you are investigating.}

*) Please enable the sql profiler  Add <profiler>1</profiler> inside your app/etc/local.xml  file between    <default_setup>    <connection> tags.


*) Disable cache under System / Cache Management tab and clear the store cache under var/cache.

*) Disable compilation for Magento under System / Tools / Compilation tab.

*) Backup your database

*) Extract the files from the extension package and copy them inside your Magento's installation.